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seroquel and ambien reddit

He prescribed me zolpidem and melotonin (yeah, even melotonin is prescription only in Ireland, the ridiculous nanny state that it is) but neither work for me.

I use 50 or 100. I used to take opioids but its become too impractical to obtain them so recently I've been taking GHB but it is far too addictive and causes me other problems. They’re nothing like alcohol or benadryl or cold meds or opiates or pot or anything I’m missing. However, to my somewhat not complete surprise, my psych wants to switch me from my Klonopin/Ambien regiment (kpin for daily anxiety/panic attacks and Ambien for sleep) with Seroquel or Olanzapine. Or if you don't really want to drink, 10 mg with 0-1 drinks and a shit load of weed had me feeling real nice and some slight visuals. Seroquel will make it much more difficult to stay awake (for me it's nigh impossible) and you may miss Walrus : And if it doesn't knock you off, you may experience additional dizziness, which is …

Hows the sleep quality with seroquel? Ask it for help. I will say I have a small stash of Seroquel in the case of anxiety, panic, or unpleasant mental activation that cannot be quelled by a benzo alone. That is a significant dose of Seroquel.

Ambien (zolpidem tartrate) and Seroquel (quetiapine), if taken together, may increase the risk of what is called central nervous system depression (commonly referred to as CNS depression for short).

Noddin, laughin at everythin, and an all around good time.

I feel like crap for the whole day, even after sleeping for 12 hours straight on it.

Even when I consider taking a bit of Seroquel when those times do hit, I remind myself I will feel like shit for the next day, sleep, eat, and shit, and that is all, and so in the last 4 months I have used the Seroquel once when I went to a funeral service. Dont ever let the powers that be convince you that boredom, nihilism, apathy, contempt and closedness are our natural states.Like people out here eyeballing PCP ananlogues and taking 2mg of clonazolam at once.It’s been awhile because I took a short break so I’m behind on what’s going on. GHB gives good sleep quality but I find that its far too addictive to use regularly as a sleep aid. Anti-psychotics can be helpful in a stim comedown, or to abort a bad trip, I will give you that.

He is trying to wean me off of the high dose of seroquel and introduce ambien long-acting for sleep instead. I agree, that they produce good sleep, but Seroquel half life is much longer than Ambien and it may cause next day drowziness.For purely recreation situations, I'd stay with ambien alone. Ugh. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts

Are you on IR?

Ambien leaves the system quickly so most people do not get a hangover from it.Also, if you half your long-acting Ambien, it will no longer be long-acting. Sometimes it feels like I cant breathe and have to force myself to breathe. It was my low moment of needin a fix in a dry county.

40mg? I already take 20mg with 600 of gabapentin and nothing really except double vision for an hour,Out of curiosity what makes ambien really dangerous with opi’s?

So is ETH-LAD really different from those and would you recommend it to an experienced psychonaut? Lately I'm taking 50mg as 25mg seems to give now 6.5 vs 8 hours of sleep. I can take 400mg's and still not be very drowsy but then again i have been on and off anti-psychotics for years and have a tolerance of sorts to anti-histamines.

I would think alcohol would be more dangerous since it also affects gaba and suppresses your CNS.Im prescribed both. How many mg do I need to take per day and for how long?Recently a vendor I use introduced ETH-LAD to the assortment.

For purely recreation situations, I'd stay with ambien alone. Sedation yes but euphoria no, don't mess with …

Akathisia is also a beast on seroquel... You may be sedated, but it damn sure isn't restful... Their danger is very underestimated, VERY, and their effects are very unpleasant. I cannot stop taking it to take the Ambien. I get maximum benefits from amphetamines (I am prescribed dexedrine for ADD) when I spread the doses out throughout the day but the downside of this is it gives me insomnia. Take it from somone who's been on as little to as 25mg to around 800mg a day IT DOES NOT PRODUCE ANY EUPHORIA.

They (doctors) say that a small dose is better for sedation, I'd take that 300 and use it 3 times.Yeah i got used to 25mg very quick, 300mg was a good number.

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seroquel and ambien reddit

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