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Officer Wayne Graves, Owner
Virginia Driver Improvement Academy

“I trusted you enough to try the new website and I’m glad I did. 40% increase in traffic! When I get people to my website, I lock them in now.”


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Jeff Fuhrmann
Owner Fuhrmann Driving Academy

"I recommended Josh Meah and Driving School Marketing very very highly, they are very professional, they know exactly what their doing, and they can help you take your business to another level."



Stephen Emerson
Owner Emerson Driving School And Former Law Enforcement (25+ years)

“At the Stephen Emerson Driving School we are seeing a tremendous increase of phone calls and emails that have resulted in a significant increase of driving lessons and evaluations that we have been able to consummate. This is definitely a positive work in progress for our company; in just two months we have experienced such an expansion of our client base potential that we are having to expand our resources and hours to meet those needs.”

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Sergio Valenzuela

A Club Driving School Owner

“DSM has exceeded all of A Club Driving School’s expectations and has done so in a very timely manner. They patiently worked with us...The results since our June 2015 launch have been fantastic!...I would absolutely recommend DSM for any driving school”

Trina Meeks
Ride Arizona Owner

“A final note to Josh and his staff – you guys provide awesome support...I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks for sticking with it and figuring out solutions to problems others could not fix. Credibility matters to me, and that is the mark of a true business owner. Thanks again!”

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Kathy Lafontaine
Owner Buckle-Up Driving School

“DSM...The website looks amazing... Thanks so much for all your help. I get so much more business now!”