Internet Marketing For Driving Schools

You’re a driving school owner, and you want more customers (students). Whether you sell to teens, their parents, potential driver improvement students, truck driver license trainees, other adult new or inexperienced drivers, or other audiences - you want to make sure you are spending on marketing that works.

Spending on marketing that doesn’t work literally costs you a significant percentage of lost profits - through either wasted money or missed opportunities. Don’t make that mistake.

Our driving school marketing program was designed exclusively for driving schools and has been tested and refined in the marketplace and for driving schools worldwide.


Officer Wayne Graves, Owner
Virginia Driver Improvement Academy

“I trusted you enough to try the new website and I’m glad I did. 40% increase in traffic! When I get people to my website, I lock them in now.”


Bruce Storrs, Owner
North County Driving School

“Since redesigning our website our business has increased considerably. More customers have commented on the professional appearance of our site and as a result choose us over the competition!”

We offer driving schools the smartest way to spend their marketing dollar.

We summarize the advantage we provide to driving schools like yours in three ways:


We know what works and what doesn’t, and this increases the effectiveness of your advertising real fast. You know what we do will work, because it is already working for driver education programs like yours. We also understand your business needs better from Day 1 than any other marketing service anywhere.


We created our program to enable you to start small, easily grown campaigns quickly and without long-term commitments. This gives you the flexibility to use different campaigns for your business without spending a lot of money, while also retaining the right to stop and start any work with us without dispute.


Our custom-built website themes are wired for your success on search engines and all devices right out of the box. We also integrate with multiple online payment and scheduling tools. Finally, you also benefit from our own investments in marketing automation and research that keep you on the cutting edge at all times.

Your Driving School Success Plan

Perfect Website Design

The best website for your driving school will persuade customers while attracting more of them from Google. It will sell while your working and sleeping and drive profits.

Perfect Marketing Campaigns

You’ll drive traffic from Google and Facebook with proven ads and use automated methods for persuading anyone who visits your website to buy from you. These are Day 1 results.

Perfect Profits

Profit. Profit. Profit! We’ve driven many millions of dollars to driving schools and supported high-profit sole instructor businesses and other driving schools with over a dozen locations. Maximize your profits today!


Kathy Lafontaine, Owner
Buckle-Up Driving School

“DSM...The website looks amazing...Thanks so much for all your help.
I get so much more business now!”

Ready to take your driving school to the next level?

If you want to increase profits through cutting-edge marketing that understands your customers as well as you do, then schedule a phone call with a Driving School Marketing Specialist today!